Bridal portrait in front of the window at Hollins Hall Hotel bridal suite near Leeds. Picture taken in the bridal suite
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Planning your wedding morning for a stress free wedding

Planning your wedding morning takes a lot of stress out of your wedding day. When I’m photographing weddings, the day begins in the morning with the bridal prep. I’ve put together some planning tips to help make things run smoothly.

Choosing a location

If you can stay onsite at your wedding venue, it saves travel time and the need for transport. Popular wedding venues may not be able to give you their bridal suite the night before your wedding. It may be reserved for another marriage the day before yours.

Not all wedding venues have accommodation. Other options include getting ready at home, a parents’ home or a B&B/hotel. Check out Bracken Hall House luxury B&B if you’re looking somewhere beautiful to get ready.

Eat breakfast

Your wedding morning is full of excitement and nerves. It’s so easy to skip breakfast. Depending on the time of your wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast, you may also miss lunch. It is likely that you will be having several glasses of champagne or prosecco before you sit down to eat. Most people don’t want to be drunk early on their wedding day! Croissants, pain au chocolate and fruit, are popular choices as they are easy to nibble. Bananas and cereal bars are great as quick snacks if you can’t face something big.
If you are having a later wedding ceremony, eat something for lunch as well.

Who do you want there?

The more people there are, the more chaotic it can be. Consider the size of the room/house/apartment. A standard hotel room with four bridesmaids, hair stylist, make-up artist, your mum and wedding dress can soon feel tiny. I have photographed weddings at all ends of the scale from a bride on her own after hair and make-up and 10 bridesmaids! Being organised and allowing enough time is the key to keeping calm.

Consider the Clutter

When lots of people get ready together with all the things they need, there is always clutter. Be mindful of clutter and try to keep the area you are getting into your wedding dress as tidy as possible. Plastic bags are commonly left lying around and do not look beautiful in the background of your pictures. It also helps to get dressed near a light source from a photographers point of view.

Bridal portraits

I love it when we have enough time and space to get beautiful bridal portraits. Photographs when you are in your wedding dress, with freshly applied make-up and perfected hair. To allow for these, you need to be fully ready before you need to make your journey to get married. Planning your wedding morning to allow for beautiful portraits is a good idea, if that’s what you want. Please let your wedding photographer know so they don’t dash off to setup for the ceremony!

I work with so many different people and for some people, they would much prefer natural bridal portraits whilst they are getting ready. Choosing a spot in good natural light really helps in this situation.

This picture happened because the bridemaids had all left for the church and taken their belongings, which gave me enough space to move the furniture out of the way to get a full length uncluttered image. I had to use lighting to reveal the detail on the dress and as the carpet was a distracting colour, I knew the picture would work best in black and white.


Bridal portrait in front of the window at Hollins Hall hotel near Leeds. Picture taken in the bridal suite

Time often slips away on a wedding morning. Your hair stylist and make-up artist will have a good idea of how long they will need. Allow for toilet breaks, food breaks and time to enjoy the morning as well as getting into your dress. Bridesmaids are often the people who need to help dress you, which means they need to be ready before you. If you had half an hour spare when fully clothed, you can enjoy your time with your parents/bridesmaids and look fabulous in your pictures.

Children on your wedding morning

Young children that need a lot of looking after can add to the stress of a wedding morning. If possible, it makes your day easier if someone else can look after young children while you are getting ready. It is a long day for little ones, and they can get bored quickly and are sometimes a little bit destructive with items such as flowers and jewellery.

Crab and Lobster Thirsk wedding Crab Manor

Good luck planning your wedding morning.


Sadie x

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