Photography workshops – Baildon Church School

A couple of weeks ago I visited Baildon Church School to spend some time with pupils taking photographs in a series of photography workshops.
Initially, I’d had a meeting with year 5 teacher Miss Brace about my job as a wedding photographer and the different elements it encompassed, from still life to portraits, landscapes, architecture, food, working both close up and wide.

Photography workshops

The children explored various themes throughout the day and had a hands on experience using one of my holiday cameras and a selection of lightweight lenses.
The first subject matter was portraits, the children were tasked with making portraits of Miss Brace’s two adorable rabbits who had visited school for the day to enhance the day’s learning experience. The children used my 50mm lens on the crop sensor Canon DSLR  because the combination produces stunning portraits. We were lucky enough to be able to use an area sheltered from the elements in the school grounds, allowing us to make use of natural light.
The second session were photographing the great outdoors, as the summer’s day was rather wet, I selected a macro 100mm lens. There is definitely a lot of beauty to be found amongst the most miserable days and we explored colours and textures mostly at a macro level.
Other year groups looked at plants, architecture and weather. Year 6 were looking at architecture, we focused on the entrance to the school and how many different viewpoints there were, producing a varied selection of images before exploring other areas of the school building. After spending most of the afternoon outside, I spotted raindrops on the windows, which the final group photographed. We also looked at photographing them purposefully out of focus to create a bokeh effect.
The children were fantastic to work with, incredibly polite and so many of the children came up with some wonderful, creative ideas. Thank you so much for having me!
Sadie x

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