Ilkley wedding photographer – Ilkley Moor engagement

I had the pleasure of catching up with Sarah and George a couple of weeks ago for their pre-wedding photographs in Ilkley, with the dramatic backdrop of Ilkley Moor.

couple sat on rocks at the top of Ilkley moor in West Yorkshire, views of hills behind Photograph of couple at the Cow and Calf on Ilkley moor for their pre wedding shoot


Sarah and George had asked if they could have their engagement shoot at the very place they became engaged and she said yes, which happened to be Ilkley Moor.

A couple of weeks after these photographs were taken, there was a devastating fire on Ilkley Moor due to carelessness and dry weather.

When we arrived at Ilkley Moor, there was very little parking as it was one of the first sunny Saturdays of the year. Ilkley Moor is very popular, especially when the sun shines. I like to find quiet places for engagement pictures as it really helps a couple to relax knowing that they don’t have an audience. Luckily we found plenty of quieter spots on Ilkley moor. I love working with the different seasons of the year and the gifts each season has to offer, we had daffodils by the Cow and Calf rocks which added a splash of colour.

Sarah and George are getting married later this year at the Northern Monk Brewery in Leeds, a beautiful historic building in the Holbeck Urban Village area of Leeds. There is also a large supply of beer brewed on site, which makes it the perfect wedding venue for George. This will be my first time photographing at the brewery and I can’t wait.

Thanks so much for your time Sarah and George, I am so excited for your wedding day!

Sadie x

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