Frankie Ballard Leeds gig
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Frankie Ballard visits Leeds

Last night, I saw the super talented Frankie Ballard and his band play at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds as part of their UK tour and decided to take my camera and the lightest lens I own, my nifty fifty.

Photographing gigs

In terms of taking pictures, I was most definitely too close with a restrictive prime lens but it was definitely a good place to enjoy a fantastic show!

I am so used to shooting with two cameras covering a huge range so I am prepared for any situation and was missing my 24-70mm for it’s super fast focus and wider angle. My 50mm is super sharp when it hits the sweet spot but struggles in lower light situations without the focal pattern of a flash. I have massive respect for photographers who shoot gigs with their restrictive angles and changeable lighting. When I shoot bands and singers at weddings I have free reign and the ability to use my own lighting.

I met some fantastic people and was lucky enough to meet the band after the show, grab a few selfies with Frankie Ballard, pictures for superfan Rachel and have a good chat to Billy on keys. These guys have a crazy schedule promoting the new album El Rio which was released earlier this year. I have a huge appreciation of the band for their hard work and time away from home on the road.

Sadie x

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