Cat on red lead takes boy for a walk

Coronavirus Lockdown Photography

Coronavirus lockdown wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer during coronavirus lockdown is tough. We can’t enjoy the things we have always taken for granted and weddings have been put on hold.


Whilst the majority of my work consists of sitting behind the computer, the thing I love the most is shooting. I love taking photographs, capturing moments, making unposed portraits that reflect the subject and the joy of life. So I’ve had to improvise…


Pet portrait photography

I love cats and luckily own three. Each has its own unique personality Loki is crazy, silly, mischievous and likes to play. Milo is a gentle cat and is scared of lots of things, he’s not so keen on everyone being in his house all day making noise. Willow is the cantankerous old lady and refused to be photographed on this occasion! I also have a couple of children who sometimes let me photograph them.


portrait of my cat Loki on a lead in the gardenCat tail pokes through the spindles on the staircase

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